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"Born from a simple love for bags and faith in beautiful packaging.".

O!!bag pursues the idea of “eco-friendly” by designing fascinating bags that people would love to re-use. By re-using we extend the life of a simple bag from one time use to its full potential.

Re-use not for the cause of protecting environment alone but out of love for the bag itself.

Tinfo Enterprise, with great experiences in bag manufacturing and packaging innovation, proudly launches “O!!bag”, introducing economical and environmental friendly polypropylene based non-woven bags to market.

One will always find designs by “O!!bag” extraordinary, tasteful and fascinating; either from a product packaging, as gifts, or off the shelf.

Prepared to be amazed.

Your O!!bag

Special Design from O!!bag are limitless to product packaging, promotional items, and home everyday use.
O!!bag team explores new styles for variety and new functions for different applications.
Truly a bag with character and styles tailored to your need and your way.
It is no longer a simple bag but a lifestyle.