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This is a dream of passion
O!!bag is a creative team with plenty of imagination. Even better, we can turn these imaginations into reality.
Our account planning integrates customers' demand and thinking, and proposes one great idea after another. Our designer creates a unique style of innovating different looks on bags. "O!!bag Sells All Bag" is our slogan which is also the expectation we have on O!!bag. Everyone in this team is busy on pursuing this dream of passion, and now we invite you to join us.

Account Planning
The start point of a brilliant idea is constantly brainstorming and discussion, and the destination is to accomplish it. The person who has the ability to finish the whole journey is the energetic account planning of O!!bag.
We believe no matter how great the idea is, if no one can execute it perfectly, the idea is still meaningless. A good idea can be fulfilled, and also can carry out the chain of market, production line, designer, channel, supplier and agent. In the end, customers will see the final product. This is how every O!!bag account planning shows one's respect to every idea.

O!!bag designer considers the look and the function of the bag. We are responsible to the taste, and every series are sophisticatedly made by our designer. Those series reflect the outstanding character of O!!bag, and define a brand new concept of non-woven bag.
Designing from life, and details make perfection. We can bring more colors into our lives by O!!bag.